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Sow and Grow F 5(1)

Sow and Grow F 5(1)

The Big Sow & Grow

Before the Easter holidays fifth class took part in the innocent big grow. The class were divided into three different groups. Each group had three different plants to grow.

They were radish, peas and salad leaves.

Each boy got a cup, soil and some seeds. They placed the block of hard soil into the cup and added warm water to it. They mixed it well until the block of hard soil became soft. They placed the seeds in a small well in the soil and covered them with some more soil.

They wrote the names on the cup and what they were growing.

Then it was time to wait. After a few days, small shoots began to pop through the soil. With gentle watering the plants began to grow.

During the Easter holidays the boys took their plants home. Some of the plants went on holiday with some other boys and some plants made the visit to Mrs Maguire‘s house.

After Easter holidays some of the boys returned the plants back to school to continue their growth. Unfortunately some of the plants did not survive.

We are amazed how quickly all the plants have grown and we look forward to eating them in the next few weeks.

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