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6th Class Visit to Carlingford

6th Class Visit to Carlingford

6th Class Visit to Carlingford

by Patrick Crane


On Friday September 17th my class and I went to Carlingford in County Louth. I woke up at around 6am and I was very tired, very excited and very giddy. For my breakfast I had an apple and a yoghurt.

We arrived at school at around 7am and it seemed really weird having no one else at school and very empty without the screaming and laughter. When we were on the bus we had to sit in pods - my pod was at the back. All the way to Carlingford we were singing songs. They were fun for a bit but then they got annoying!

We got to Carlingford about 9.15am and we were introduced to our instructors, Matt, Victor and Magda. The high ropes looked amazing, but before we could go to them we had to get our harnesses on. Matt explained to us how the harness worked and how to clip ourselves onto the safety lines. We were then able to try out the practice course before attempting the high ropes. At first I thought I was going to love it, but I took one look at the first obstacle and thought, ‘this isn’t for me,’ so I went back down. For a while I decided to just watch my friends but Mr.Owen and Mr.Sloan persuaded me to do the zipline and when I did I loved it. At 1pm we went for a lunch of chips, chicken goujons and orange juice.


At 1.40pm we got on a minibus to take us down to the harbour to do kayaking. When we got there we had to put on wetsuits, life jackets and helmets. We each had to carry canoes over to where we were getting in. We all had to follow the instructor out until we got to a water trampoline where we tried to push each other off- it was great fun! After that, we headed over to a beach where there was a tunnel, but unfortunately only nine boys got to go inside because we ran out of time and had to head back.


We all got changed and were on the bus at 5.30pm for more singing. We arrived back in school at 7.15pm tired out after a long day! I had an absolutely fantastic day

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