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Maths Challenge Form 6.1

Maths Challenge Form 6.1

3D Shapes

Last week in 6th class we were learning about 3D shapes. We were challenged to make a Mobius Strip.

Möbius strip - Wikipedia

First, Ms. Mahedy gave us all a strip of paper. She asked us how many faces it had. We told her two. She then asked us to take our strip of paper and give it a half twist and then stick the two ends together. This will create a Mobius Strip.

We were then asked, how many faces does it have now? This is when the confusion began. Some boys said two faces and others said one face.

It in fact has one face. A Mobius Strip is a one-sided surface.

We were then asked to draw a line along the centre of the strip and carefully cut along it. We then unfolded the paper and found that the strip had doubled in length.

Here is what we found:


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