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Skittles Experiment for Science Week

Skittles Experiment for Science Week

Our Rainbow Skittle Experiment

by Alfie O'Neill, Johnny Maxwell, Seán Lucey and Christian Crawley

We first got a regular packet of skittles, a plate and a bottle of hot water. Then we spread out the skittles so the same colour isn’t beside each other and we made it a circle. We did it in our hall with the rest of our class.

Then we each took turns pouring the hot water in the middle of the plate. Then we all watched slowly as the skittles colours poured into the middle. We also did a race to see who’s skittles colour would get to the middle of the plate first; Alfie was green, Christian was red, Johnny was purple and Seán was orange. Red and green drew the race.


Before we lifted up the plate, all the colours mixed into a rainbow. Then, when we lifted the plate, all the colours mixed together and made a dirty red colour. We had lots of fun doing this experiment.

In conclusion, the experiment went really well and our groups experiment turned out the best.


Here are more some pictures.


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