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The Scariest Halloween Ever! By Joe Brandt

The Scariest Halloween Ever! By Joe Brandt

The Scariest Halloween Ever

By Joe Brandt

It was October 31st, Halloween night! Danny and Jamal were very excited as they began to dress up in their Halloween costumes. Jamal was dressing up as a zombie and Danny was dressing up as a mummy. As the boys were both 10 years old they were now allowed to go trick or treating themselves . They couldn’t wait to get ready and hit the streets to scare people and of course ….. get lots of treats.

It was around 8.30pm and pitch black, Danny and Jamal had a bag full of candy and decided that it was time to go home. However as they were passing the park wall they saw a hole in it, big enough to fit a human in. “Fancy going in?” Danny asked, “Why not I guess” Jamal answered . They left the sweets bag in a bush and crawled through the hole.

Besides the whisper of the wind blowing through the bushes, the park was eerily silent. The boys could only faintly see their surroundings. They walked along the path for a minute before hearing a screech pierce the quiet, like a knife through butter. “Erm Danny”, whispered Jamal “I don’t think the locked park is the best place to be on Halloween night”. “Yeah you’re right” said Danny nervously. So they went back, only to find a minute later that they had wandered the wrong way . They stopped and cursed before Jamal saw something in the distance ….. a figure ,standing there motionless watching them. “Danny there’s someone watching us from over there!” But Danny was looking in the other direction, as to his horror, 5 people in bloodied clown suits closed in on him. Jamal turned and screamed as he saw another 5 closing in on his side.

They stood there shaking in fear as one of the clowns stepped forward and started to talk. “Hiya kids!” they said in a horribly child-like voice that sent icy chills down Jamal’s spine. “Wanna play a game? It’s just hide and seek , you must’ve played that right? You will have 5 minutes to hide and we have 5 minutes to find you. From the big tree to the lake? Seems fair? Oh and if we find you I’m afraid we’ll have to kill you!! Chop chop we’re starting!!!”

The boys skidded down the hill into the cover of thick trees. They waited for what felt like eternity until they heard the childlike voice call out “Ready or not here we come!”

They stayed deadly still, hardly daring to breathe as they heard footsteps coming closer. One of the clowns was looking into the trees. Danny got the shivers when looking at it. With a hideous smile on its horrible mask and with the suit stained with ……. Oh dear God! Human blood. In its hand was a curved knife with a bloodstained edge. The boys stayed as still as statues as it whispered out nursery rhymes in a twisted way. It passed by.

“Jamal” whispered Danny “The hole in the wall is just there!” Hope rushed through them as they got up and crept out to the brook where the hole was. They crawled out and ran faster than light

. . . and that’s why you don’t go into locked parks on Halloween!

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