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The Scariest Halloween Ever by Luke O'Donnell

The Scariest Halloween Ever by Luke O'Donnell

The Scariest Halloween Ever

By Luke O’Donnell

It was October the 31st, Halloween night! Ricky and Jamie were very excited as they began to dress up in their Halloween costumes. Ricky was dressing up as a killer clown and Jamie was dressing up as a morf. As the boys were both 10 years old they were now allowed to go trick-or-treating themselves. They couldn’t wait to get ready and hit the streets to scare people and of course . . . get lots of treats.

After visiting a few houses they went to another house but this one was different to all the others. They just thought that it was just really well decorated, but no.

They knocked on the door and it slowly opened ‘’Hello,’’ said Jamie. Then the door suddenly, slammed shut. ‘’Let's get out of here!’’ said Ricky. ‘’Yeah,’’ Jamie whispered. They tried the door, but it wouldn’t budge. They suddenly heard whistling coming from the basement. Then, scratching and then a scream, Agh!!!

‘’Jamie, Jamie where are you, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!!’’. ‘’Rickyyyy!’’. Then Ricky started to run after the noise, there were three doors, he chose the 1st door. ‘’Well done’’ said a voice. Suddenly a hand was on his shoulder. But it was only Jamie. ‘’There look,’’ said Ricky. There is an open window! ‘’Ok let's go!’’ said Jamie with panic in his voice. ‘’Come on’’ hurried Jamie.

Suddenly there was a scratching noise. Jamie turned around ‘’Ricky look.’’ There was a man with a mask, dressed in black with huge leather boots standing at the end of the corridor. He was holding a knife.

The boys rushed toward the window. Ricky got to the window first, Jamie was welling up with tears of fear. After Ricky clambered out, Jamie threw himself out the window not thinking about injuring himself, but just desperate to get out of the house alive!

After escaping, they ran home. ‘Mum!’ shouted Jamie. But there was no reply. Suddenly they heard the man say…’you didn’t think it would be that easy? ‘Sorry boys, we haven’t been properly introduced.’ he rasped in a creepy voice. ‘My name is Jack Walker.’ Suddenly, Jamie heard his Mum scream, ‘Run! Get out of here!’ As the boys were about to get out the door, Jack said. ‘Boys, if you want to see your Mother again, you will play my game.’

Outside they heard screeching car tyres and a horn blaring. ‘That’s our ride’, smiled Jack. Jamie and Ricky see a black Range Rover with blacked out windows. The boys walked to the car and Jack opened the door... ‘Get in’. Jack dragged their Mother beside him and put her in the trunk. ‘Drive!’ demanded Jack to the hooded man in the front seat.

The car suddenly stopped, the boys could smell salt. ‘Where are we?’ asked Ricky ‘Where at the docks’ replied Jack with a menacing grin. The boys got out of the car, and Jack got their mum out of the trunk. He brought them to a warehouse, as they entered they were confused. Then Jack showed them a bird’s eye view of the maze! And said ‘It is simple, all you have to do is get from one side of the maze to the other, but if I find you then I will kill you and your mother’. So after Jack explained what would happen, they started the maze. They only had five minutes before Jack go into the maze with them.

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