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'Under the Sea' in Junior Infants

'Under the Sea' in Junior Infants

Last month in Aistear we explored the theme 'Under the Sea'. This theme really let our imaginations run wild and we loved the Water Play area in particular! At this station, we enjoyed playing with all the figurines and marine animals on the tuff tray and made our very own treasure islands and pirate coves. The jenga blocks were a great resource to build boats to sail in the sea. We even got to make some jigsaws based on our theme.

The Art and Craft station involved making a jellyfish by painting a cardboard bowl and sticking strips of coloured tissue paper strips and googly eyes on it to make a 3D jellyfish. In our Art class we read the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ which was a great stimulus for our art lesson. We used celery sticks to print colour on the fish and some glitter and tin foil to add a creative effect. We had lots of fun playing this month. We enjoyed learning songs, rhymes and the well-known tongue twister ‘Sally Sells’

Now it’s your turn:

Sally Sells Sea Shells,

By the Seashore,

The sea shells that she sells,

Are from the sea I’m sure!

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