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Testing review & feedback (Assessments)

At St. Mary’s College Junior School, assessment ranges from informal assessment which includes teacher observation, classwork and homework, to more formal assessment in the form of teacher designed tests, diagnostic tests and standardised tests. All pupils from Form 2 to Form 6 are given standardised tests in English, Spellings and Mathematics every May, the results of which are communicated to parents/guardians.

Parents receive Christmas and Summer reports. Parents also receive report books on a monthly basis. The grading in these report books is such that marks are given for effort rather than ability. Parent/ teacher meetings are held each November but parents are always welcome to meet with their son's class teacher/learning support team to discuss progress by appointment.

Assessment is used to identify children with specific learning difficulties so that the appropriate steps can be taken to ensure progress is achieved, despite difficulties which exist.

Weekly Tests – Each class has weekly class tests which take place every Friday.

Term Exams – End of term in class tests take place at Christmas and Summer. Results are sent home in report form.

External Testing – Standardised testing is carried out by way of the Drumcondra tests every May.

Ongoing Assessment – Regular ongoing assessment takes place by the teacher. Teachers use Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning to monitor the children's progress.

Standardised Testing

Standardised Testing falls under the category of formal assessment. At the end of the school year (mid-May), Standardised Tests in English, Spelling and Mathematics take place. These tests are administered by the class teacher in consultation with the Learning Support team.

These tests are designed and standardised for use in Irish Primary Schools and span all classes from 1st to 6th class.

The functions of these tests are to:

  • provide teachers with information about how literacy and numeracy performances compare with those of children nationally.
  • to assist teachers in identifying those children who would benefit from supplementary teaching.
  • to establish the literacy and numeracy levels of advanced pupils and to assist teachers in making decisions regarding appropriate materials and strategies.

The results of these assessments are given as STen Scores (with a verbal descriptor).

Results are communicated to parent on the end of year report.

It is important to note that these tests are not intelligence tests and only measure certain skills and tasks.

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